D'Agata Antoine

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D'Agata Antoine
PRAXIS. In Mexico, for the past thirty years, women have been the first to suffer the systemic violence that destroys structures, bodies and relationships. They bear the immense burden of a fate that is no fate at all, and for which the global economic system is primarily responsible. For forty years - long before I became a photographer - I have been living, through my own experience, in Mexico as elsewhere, in this demand for a possible commonality, within the community of those who have no community", as George Bataille called it, of a "community of lovers" in the broadest sense, amorous and stoned, invisible and infinitely fragmented, of those who have nothing but their bodies to survive, feel and exist. It was these men and women who communicated their negative, secret, forbidden passions to me, and authorized me to live in relationship with the other, in a sexual and narcotic communion that claimed to be against the law, thus authorizing me to generate a position of my own. All these years I've lived on the margins, refusing the physical and moral comforts that are the common lot of self-righteousness. I shared the existence of the women I photographed, because their sordid existence touched on the sublime, because they carried within them, like a mortal burden, the pain of the world. At first I was fascinated by them, then I desired them, and finally I loved them, learning to live alongside them. Resistance to the violence inflicted on them requires shared experience. I paid the price of this choice of life in my own flesh. Antoine d'Agata. Publisher: Studio Vortex
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