vendredi 08 février 2019 14:00
Salle 4 - Drouot-Richelieu, 9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris
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Edouard Boubat - Collection particulière

Vendredi 8 fevrier 2019, à  14h

Expositions publiques - Drouot

Jeudi 7 février 11h - 21h Nocturne
Vendredi 8 février 11h - 12h

Téléphone pendant l’exposition - Drouot : 33 (0)1 48 00 20 04

Expert :
Viviane Esders SAS
Expert agréé par le Conseil des Ventes volontaires n°2002-272
40 rue Pascal 75013 Paris
Tél : 33 (0)1 43 31 10 10 - esders@wanadoo.fr

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Sales conditions
All purchases will be paid in cash. In addition to the hammer price,
buyers will pay the following fees and taxes by item : 25 % tax
All foreign fees for wire transfer will be charged on the buyer. The
buyers will be charged additional fees for foreign credit cards of
1.20%. No foreign check will be accepted. The successful bidder will
be the highest and last bidder and must pay cash. In the event of a
dispute, the Auctioneer has the right to cancel the sale and put the
disputed lot(s) back up for auction.
A pre-auction viewing allows bidders to ascertain the condition of
the sale items. Prospective buyers are strongly advised to examine
personally any goods in which they are interested, before the auction
takes place. Condition reports are usually available on request and
remain subject to the personal appreciation of the prospective
buyer. All lots are therefore sold in their condition at the moment
of the sale. No claims will therefore be accepted after the hammer
has fallen. The photographs reproduced in the catalogue are not
contractual as for the chromatic range of the proposed prints.
The order of the sale will be that of the catalogue. Attributions are
based on scientific and artistic knowledge at the time of the sale.
Sizes are given only for your information. If the purchaser fails to
abide by the aforementioned obligations, the lot(s) concerned may
be put back up for auction during the same session or during a
subsequent session, at the purchaser’s own risk.
It is possible for a bidder unable to attend the auction to fill out
the buyingorder form appended to this catalogue. The auctioneer
shall act on the behalf of the bidder, in accordance with the
instructions stated in the buying-order form. A buying order is a
service designed to help customers by the Auctioneer, who shall
not be held responsible for failing to execute an order by mistake
or for any other reason, if a telephone link is interrupted, cannot be
made or is delayed. SVV Yann Le Mouel declines any responsibility
in case the telephone communication should not be established. A
buyer applying for a telephone bid that could not be reached during
the sale will be considered to have left a firm buying order at the
low estimate. The auctioneer is ready to accept the requests for
telephone bidding until the end of the pre-sale exhibition, but shall
not be held liable for any failure to execute a telephone bid due to
error or omission. The auctioneer reserves the right to record any
telephone bidding.
As soon as the hammer goes down, the lot is under the responsibility
of the purchaser. Buyers are advised to collect their purchases
promptly, within a month, so as to avoid storage costs. No purchase
shall be handed over by the auctioneer to a purchaser before a
complete payment of the auction price and sales costs, and handling
and storage costs. For payment by check buyers are advised that
property will not be released until such check have been collected.
The purchaser is responsible for having his/her purchases insured,
and the Auctioneer shall accept no responsibility for any damage
sustained by the lot after the hammer has gone down.
You can choose one of the following options for the payment:
- Cash (maximum 1000 Euros for resident in France)
- secured link http://www.yannlemouel.com/paiement
- wire transfer (swift)
CODE BANQUE : 30004 – CODE GUICHET : 00828
N° DE COMPTE : 00010626309 – CLE RIB : 76
IBAN/ FR76 3000 4008 2800 0106 2630 976
The buyers will be charged additional fees for payment by wire